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7 Powerful Advantages of Breastfeeding

1. It develops your childs immune system

Most doctors advice their patients to breastfeed their babies because it really helps a lot in terms of supporting your childs health for his or her entire lifetime. Nursing your baby is proven to be a great way to help your childs immune system so you need to make sure that you consider this advantage.

6. It helps in child spacing

Breastfeeding delays ovulation and if you really want to make sure that you have proper child spacing, then you can continue breastfeeding until you are ready to have another baby.

7. It promotes mental health

Studies show that women who breastfeed are mentally healthy. Meaning, they have a lower chance to suffer from post partum depression.

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These are 7 advantages of breastfeeding and in case you are not comfortable nursing your kid, then you always have the option to get your own breast pump as long as you get the Ameda Purely Yours or Avent Isis iq duo breast pump since these 2 are the best breast pumps available in the market these days.

3. It also helps reduce the risks of ovarian as well as uterine cancer

We all know that ovarian cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer there is in women. So to ensure that you would not suffer from such, you really have to make sure that you consider nursing your kids.

In case you are wondering why breastfeeding is said to be very important for babies up to two years of age, its because it comes with rewards. Listed below are the 7 powerful advantages that breastfeeding offers:

4. It also lessens the risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is also one of the health problems that women suffer from and with the help of breastfeeding; it lowers the chances of developing osteoporosis.

5. It helps speed up weight loss

One of the many challenges that most women suffer from is having a hard time getting rid of the baby weight after giving birth. To make sure that you would easily lose all the baby fat, then you should consider nursing your baby.

Breastfeeding is highly recommended by doctors to mothers who has a kid because of the many benefits that breastfeeding offers. You have probably heard that it is even recommended to breastfeed until your kids reach the age of two. This is why if you have problems giving your babies breastmilk, then you need to get your own Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump or the Avent Isis IQ Duo as these are the trusted breast pump brands.

2. It helps reduce the risks of cancer

Study shows that women who nurse their babies have lower risks of developing breast cancer which is why it is highly recommended that women who have kids below 2 years old should be breastfed.

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