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Why You Shouldn't Get Breast Implants

Leaking implants, infection and diseases can result. Do your homework before going under the knife.

I couldnt find a clear percentage of the amount of women that have this but the longer implants are in the greater the likelihood of the patient having it happen.

Im not a doctor; most of what I am telling is from friends and family members that have had this procedure done but you should really do your research and talk to other women who have had implants for several years. They are much better at giving you first hand advice than relying solely on a physician who does this procedure and is trying to sell you on the idea. There are good doctors that will give you the pros and cons making sure you know what you are in for but there are also those that are high-pressure salesmen

Ive heard of many women having replacements put in or the original ones removed after several years because they felt hard.

Capsular contracture: When foreign objects are put in your body your body forms a lining of living fibrous tissue around the object. In some patients the tissue will tighten and squeeze the implant making it feel hard and unnatural.

Excessive scar tissue may result. We all heal differently and some people have a tendency to scar worse than others.

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